Charitable Bequests


  • Review your wishes with an attorney and/or financial advisor before making provisions for the Rossmoor Fund in your will or trust, or adding a codicil to your existing will
  • Use the Fund’s correct legal name (“I give and bequeath to Rossmoor Fund, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.”)
  • State your wishes as broadly as possible, because services and programs must remain flexible to meet the changing needs of our community.


Adding a Codicil to an Existing Will to Include a Charitable Bequest

This is a codicil to my will dated ______________.

I give and bequeath the sum of $_______

[or] the following described property _______________________
[or] ______% of my estate
[or] the residue of my estate
to Rossmoor Fund, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

In all other respects I confirm my said will.

Signed: _______________________________

Witnessed By: _________________________

Witnessed By: _________________________

Dated: ________________________________

Options For Specifying the Purpose of the Gift

  • for the purpose of ________________________________________________
  • to establish (or add to) the [Named Fund in honor or memory of a loved one] ________________________________________________

All donors are advised to consult with and rely on exclusively upon their own legal and/or tax advisors for tax and legal advice.