How Are Donations to the Rossmoor Fund Distributed?

Individual Grants

Individual grants to confidentially address temporary personal emergencies.The Rossmoor Fund made its first individual grant to assist an 82-year-old resident who had many serious health issues. She had to pay out of pocket for her prescriptions for a period of time, approxi­mately $400, and could not cover the extra cost.Individual grants are based on recommenda­tions from Rossmoor Counseling Services, and are confidential and temporary in duration.

Organizational Grants

Organizational grants to support quality of community life projects.The Rossmoor Fund is now soliciting applica­tions from established Rossmoor clubs needing funding to implement projects that will improve the quality of life for participating Rossmoor residents. Such projects must be open to and benefit all residents, not club members only.

Educational Grants

Educational grants to help circulate information for public benefit.The Rossmoor Fund is also soliciting applica­tions from clubs or other sponsors of educational forums to benefit all Rossmoor residents, such as seminars on topics of health or security that would benefit a sizable population.

Improvement Grants

Improvement grants to bring convenience or to beautify Rossmoor public spaces.The Rossmoor Fund is open to providing funding toward capital improvement projects that would beautify or add convenience toRossmoor.

Applying for Grants

To apply for an individual grant contact either the Rossmoor Counseling Service at (925) 988-7700 or the Rossmoor Fund at (925) 567-3863 for an appointment to discuss your need.To apply for an organizational or educational grant, an application should be submitted in accordance with the Rossmoor Fund’s Grant Guidelines