Rossmoor Fund Grant Guidelines

The mission of the Rossmoor Fund (The “Fund”) is to develop and fund programs for those in the Rossmoor community who are in need, assist Rossmoor organizations in meeting their charitable and educational goals, develop and fund educational programs, and to improve both Rossmoor and the health and well-being of its residents.The Fund is accepting applications for grants as follows: 1) from Rossmoor residents experiencing a temporary financial crisis. 2) from Rossmoor clubs and organizations for projects that will improve the quality of life in Rossmoor.

Individual Grants

Individual grants will be made to assist individuals who are experiencing a financial crisis, and whose situation can be substantially improved by a one-time grant. The Fund is not designed to meet an on-going expense. Applications from individuals should be made through the Rossmoor Counseling Services or directly to the Rossmoor Fund at P.O. Box 2070, Walnut Creek, CA 94595. Click here for a copy of the application form. All consultations are confidential and can be conducted in the Counseling Office in Gateway Clubhouse or in a resident’s home.

Grants to Clubs and Organizations

The Fund will accept applications from established Rossmoor clubs and organizations. Each year the Board of Directors will establish a priority for the funding of programs such as health education. Applications that address that emphasis will be given priority, but not to the exclusion of other projects. Each year the Fund will determine the total amount of money to be given and the range of funds for each grant.Applications must show that the proposed program will benefit the broader Rossmoor community and not only the club/organization’s membership.Applications must show : 1) that quality of life will be improved for participants, or 2) that knowledge of participants will increase through educational forums.

Applications should include the following elements:

1) Organization. A clear, concise description of the organization making the request, including its purpose, history, scheduled activities, number of members, and a list of its principle volunteers, e.g. board of directors or other leadership positions. Include the name of the contact person for the application, address and telephone number.
2) Project Description. Address the need for the project in detail. Need should be demonstrated by showing that a vacuum exists in the services or programs currently available or that the demand for the current program cannot be met with existing resources. The description must demonstrate that the proposed program is consistent with the mission of the the Fund as stated above. Include a time line for the implementation of the project.Demonstrate how the project will continue after the grant period , which should be no longer than one year, is complete.
3) Goals. Set forth the goals of the project, for example, “to increase knowledge of hearing loss for hearing-impaired persons”.
4) Objectives. Include specific project objectives in measurable terms for example, “four seminars on hearing loss and hearing aids will reach 50 people each for a total of 200 people during the grant period.”
5) Actions. Explain what actions will be necessary to reach each goal and who will be responsible for that action, for example “ the project director will retain a specialist in audiology.
6) Evaluation. Explain what people will get out of the program, for example, “70% of the participants will report increased knowledge about hearing loss”, and explain how progress towards objectives will be measured.
7) Time line. Set out a proposed time line for reporting back to the Fund on the progress towards goals and objectives.
8) Budget. Include a budget that delineates costs to be covered by the grant. Include any costs that will be covered by other sources. List separately all donated services, including volunteers and their functions in the proposed project. The grant will cover only itemized costs and will cover no “administrative costs” as a percent of the total grant.
9) Financial Statements. Include a financial statement of the organization showing income, including memberships fees, expenses, and current bank balance.
Completed grant application should be submitted to Rossmoor Fund, P.O. Box 2070, Walnut Creek 94595.