Charitable Bequests

  • The Rossmoor Fund is proud to announce the establishment of a Legacy Society honoring those who have named the fund a beneficiary in their estate plans. The first to join the Legacy Society at its inception in 2018 were eight members of the Rossmoor Fund board of directors. As of January, 2021, the number of members in the Legacy Society has grown steadily to 13 individuals and couples. Each of us has promised to make a gift to the Rossmoor Fund in our will or trust. Now, we invite any and all of you to join us as members of our Legacy Society.
  • By making a bequest, of any size, you help ensure the future of the Rossmoor Fund. Bequests will be directed to our endowment fund, rather than general operating expenses. By leaving a gift to the fund in your will or trust, you’ll be remembered as a good neighbour for years to come.
  • We will thank you by listing your name (with your permission, of course) in our annual report each year, noting your commitment in the Legacy Society section of our website, and inviting you to occasional special gatherings.
  • After providing for your family, you can leave your mark on Rossmoor by helping the Rossmoor Fund care for your neighbours in need. Please give this request your most serious consideration.
  • To do so, simply print the “Legacy Intention” form below, fill it out, and mail it to the address indicated.


What do you mean by a bequest, exactly?

A bequest provides a specific amount of money, a percentage of an estate, or a certain piece of property to a charitable organisation at the time of death. Generally this involves naming a charity as a beneficiary in a will, codicil, life insurance policy or retirement plan or by making a gift of real estate.

How do I set up a gift from my estate?

Answer: Contact an attorney, ideally someone who specialises in estate planning. The attorney will set up a will and trust, or add to or alter documents you already have in place.

Can you give me the language to use?

I give, devise, and bequeath to the Rossmoor Fund, federal tax identification number #27-0479896, P.O. Box 2070, Walnut Creek, CA, 94595, the sum of $__________(or the real or personal property or portion of the estate) to be used for its endowment or general purposes, including grants to Rossmoorians in need.

What is the benefit to me, the donor?

A gift planned in advance offers you a way to make a significant contribution without compromising your current financial situation. Some types of gifts offer tax benefits during your lifetime. Your financial planner or attorney can advise you.

Why does the Rossmoor Fund want to know my intention?

We want the opportunity to thank you through membership in our Legacy Society. You do not need to reveal the amount of your gift or any personal details. You simply indicate your intention (see below) to remember the Rossmoor Fund, and your intention will serve as an example to others.

6. Can I change my mind?

Answer: Yes, if your circumstances change you can certainly change your will or trust. The only exception would be if you have received tax benefits from a particular program that might not be open to change.


To: Rossmoor Fund

From: Name _________________________________




This is to notify you of my intent to make a bequest to the Rossmoor Fund in my estate plans.

_______ You may list me as a member of the Legacy Society.

_______ I’d prefer this remain anonymous.

Please mail to: Rossmoor Fund P.O. Box 2070 Walnut Creek CA 94595 Attn: Donna Reynolds.

How To-Points to Remember and Suggested Language to follow this :

  • Review your wishes with an attorney and/or financial advisor before making provisions for the Rossmoor Fund in your will or trust, or adding a codicil to your existing will
  • Use the Fund’s correct legal name (“I give and bequeath to Rossmoor Fund, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.”)
  • State your wishes as broadly as possible, because services and programs must remain flexible to meet the changing needs of our community.


Adding a Codicil to an Existing Will to Include a Charitable Bequest

This is a codicil to my will dated ______________.

I give and bequeath the sum of $_______

[or] the following described property _______________________
[or] ______% of my estate
[or] the residue of my estate
to Rossmoor Fund, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation.

In all other respects I confirm my said will.

Signed: _______________________________

Witnessed By: _________________________

Witnessed By: _________________________

Dated: ________________________________

Options For Specifying the Purpose of the Gift

  • for the purpose of ________________________________________________
  • to establish (or add to) the [Named Fund in honor or memory of a loved one] ________________________________________________

All donors are advised to consult with and rely on exclusively upon their own legal and/or tax advisors for tax and legal advice.